Welcome! I'm Megan Crozier.

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. I help health conscious women learn how to properly nourish their body and eat for their metabolism & hormones so that they can have more energy and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way without diet obsession or food rules.


Imagine how it would feel to wake up with energy, ditch the bloating, PMS, and anxiety... and actually feel confident in your food choices and nourish your body in a way that doesn’t involve deprivation, guilt, or hours working out.


Maybe right now you feel like you already eat pretty healthy and you workout regularly. But somewhere along the way, you started struggling with your energy, sleep, mood, periods, and digestion.


You don't feel 100% (even though the doctor told you everything looks "normal") and you just want to know what will help you feel like yourself again.


You try googling your symptoms and get a ton of conflicting information on what you should be eating, when you should be eating, & what supplements to take. But you're just left feeling more confused and frustrated because nothing seems to work.


I help you take a root cause, individualized approach that emphasizes being in tune with your hormones, supporting your gut, and creating a sustainable approach to health.


I'm here to help you understand what your body is telling you and figure out what is out of balance that could be causing your chronic fatigue, stubborn weight, PMS and painful periods, mood swings and anxiety, and constant bloating that makes it hard to know what foods to eat.


Unlike other programs and nutrition advice that tells you to eat less, exercise more, and have more discipline… I teach you to eat and move in a way that supports your metabolism and hormones.


I like to think of it as working with your body, rather than against it.


And trust me... I've tried everything out there. All the extremes, restriction, & counting. I thought the only way to be “healthy” and maintain my weight was by following a restrictive diet and doing more cardio and HIIT.


But I was forced to find a different way when I was overcome with fatigue that became chronic, digestive issues that no matter what I ate I would be bloated, more anxiety and moodiness (especially before my period), and brain fog.


Then through my own research and diving deeper into female physiology, hormones, and metabolism, I found a better way. One that is actually a healthy and sustainable way to maintain a weight that feels good, without the food restriction, excessive exercise, and diet rules.


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